The feed industry's first choice for quality

Private label, trace mineral, and vitamin premix feed

Whatever your feed needs, Mercer Milling feed mill supplier delivers. We’re one of the industry’s largest dairy feed ingredients suppliers of private label trace mineral and vitamin premix, feed additives and specialty products in the northeast. And we’re committed to the highest quality assurance standards at every stage, from manufacturing to blending and packaging. Contact us today, and see why Mercer Milling feed mill supplier is the dairy feed ingredients industry’s first choice for quality. 


Mercer Milling manufactures a wide range of custom and private label premix, along with more than 150 specialty products for customers ranging from small farm stores to the nation’s largest feed mills.

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Like Mercer Milling, our suppliers are committed to providing the highest-quality feed ingredients, additives and specialty products in the industry.

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In addition to providing private label and custom premix for dairy cattle at every stage, Mercer Milling also manufactures feed products for a variety of livestock and companion animals.

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